Paige Shinn is a passionate and entertaining human, avidly learning through all of her experiences. She is a seeker of knowledge, a storyteller by nature and engages with her fellow humans with a focus, curiosity and depth that led her to exploring photography. Understanding the camera became all encompassing mission and her focus was the art of capturing people’s spirits, their laughter, their truth. This is where she began her photography career.

At this time she was a real estate agent and so began shooting properties as well as people. This evolved to her being offered a full time position by a development group as their Photographer and Marketing Director. Shooting construction to completion her  passion was cultivated for architectural photography and developed into the love affair that exists today. Paige especially loved shooting from construction to completion the properties bought for redevelopment. The history of these properties lured her into their stories, the transformation of what they were, had become and their rebirth.

As her career evolved she accepted a position for an architectural photography company out of Austin where she shot an immense amount of properties perfecting her skills shooting homes for the market.

Paige still enjoys photographing people and provides inspiring sessions for headshots family and group photos. She seeks to refine her methods and further her knowledge continuously, with focus on bringing people into a relaxed state of being.

Today she finds herself serving San Antonio Real Estate market and agents, providing riveting photos designed to captivate the audience and entice them into previewing the home.  She is grateful for finding her purpose and also for the opportunity to share her passion. Capturing homes brings her joy and her joy is contagious! She loves to share her perspective and her unique ability to see many perspectives helps provide a unique product that stand out from the rest.